Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sweaterdolls and me

Mr. True Love hates birthday celebrations. He hates shopping. He hates owning stuff.

I am the same.

But I'll be going away for the first time in 18 months and since we LOVE to be together, I decided to make him a mini-me in absentia. We even hate to be apart for the day when he goes to work. He usually heads straight to the coffee when he gets home but every day we have a major hug fest before the coffee. I am honored.

I made him a little Allison sweaterdoll. Sweaterdolls are upcycled from.....sweaters. But sometimes I use other types of clothing to make them.

Yes, I wear jeans ALL the time. And usually a little black pullover. I have a tattoo and a nose ring and I even added a little jewel on my left hand for my wedding ring. I wear glasses but have brown eyes and figured the buttons would have to accomplish both.

Now don't spoil the surprise and sent him pix.'s a secret!

It's supposed to look like the jackalope I have tattoed on my arm.

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