Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Most Popular Sewing Patterns

Sometimes I'm asked which of my sewing patterns are the most popular.

Hands down, the Folksy Lady Rag Doll, Rag Dolly Tag Blanket, and Baby Teether Barnyard Babies are the best selling sewing patterns in my shop.

The Rag Dolly Tag Blanket is an easy grab toy for baby. It's made from a front and back and a few tabs that are knotted. These knots are easy for baby to hold or use for teething.

I have several pattern suitable for babies and a number of cloth dolls, including a smaller fashion doll-sized cloth alternative.

For home sewing, the Travel Pincushion has been been a rising star. For those who travel, keeping pins and needles tucked away when not in use is of utmost importance. But because the pincushion stands well, it can be set on an airplane tray or side table for safe use.

And I've been getting lots of wonderful feedback from makers of the Teddy Bear and Dinosaur patterns. 

The Teddy Bear pattern will make you look like a genius. It's so easily made from three pieces for front and back, but still has a pleasing plump shape and a super friendly, growl-free little face.

The Dinosaur plush toys are made for little hands. They are sized just right for toddler and young children's hands. They stand well so they store as well as they display on toy shelves. But they are also soft and lightweight for travel and trips to Grandma's house.

Visit the shop to see all the sewing patterns, hand crafted wooden tools, and embroidery patterns and kits.