Did you know plastic polyester fiberfill is registered in the US Toxic Substances Control Act? It is considered inert which means not toxic until the product reaches the environment where its toxicity is released.

When is the toxicity of polyester fiberfill released? When is it swallowed or breathed in. And the toxicity measure is: a few fibers. What can a mother or pet-owner think, but "what are the alternatives?"

In reality, plastic polyester fibers are the oil waste alternative to natural stuffings that have been around for centuries. Here are three posts I wrote about this poison in our midst.

Poly Fiberfill - A Real Monster in the Closet?

Eco-Friendly Fill: Fact or Fiction?

Giving Thanks for Natural Stuffing 

My love of natural fiberfills came from a love of the warmth of them and their delicious textures and scents. Polyfill just felt cheap and insubstantial to me.

How do natural fiberfills perform?

Here are the articles I wrote to try to answer that question:

Part One: Costs & Sources

Part Two: Ease of Use

Part Three: Washability

In addition to my articles, here is another blog article I think you will enjoy.

April Miller McMurtry on Kapok. Brilliant and informative!

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