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Every day, literally tons of reusable textiles are being thrown into landfills, and people are becoming increasingly worried about the effects of this. 

Through SweaterDoll, I help folks stitch together the joy and artistry of handmade with textile reuse so they can create quality, ingenious, resourceful toys and gifts.

Together we reclaim more than fabrics: we reclaim our power, creativity, and kindness as we utilize the precious resources available in our lives.

Got vintage linen stash overload? Shrink your favorite wool sweater? Buried under a pile of colorful unmatched socks? Is the thrift store practically giving away doilies? I got yer fix, babe! You CAN make and be creative with materials you have on hand, even if you can't draw, even if you don't have a stack of the latest fat quarter fabric designs. 

I LOVE that moment when a SweaterDoll customer realizes they have created something unique and beautiful and at the same time affected a direct positive environmental impact in their community - while completely enjoying themselves through making! Customers who think they are not creative or can't afford craft materials are always amazed when they see what they've done.

What excites you?

Your SweaterDoll textile journey may encompass 
  • decluttering
  • understanding natural fibers
  • reusing/repurposing/upcycling
  • exploring needlework
  • connecting with community
  • discovering the world of secondhand and vintage goods
  • or even preserving a bit of artisan history 
Whatever your skill level or fiber art interest, you can find a place here at SweaterDoll.

SweaterDoll products and shops:

SweaterDoll on Etsy carries finished hand stitched dolls made from repurposed materials and natural wool stuffing, doll-making kits, DIY sewing patterns, and upcycling eBooks. Custom orders and requests are welcome.

You can also find SweaterDoll in Europe (Dawanda) and Australia (MadeIt). And Craftsy SweaterDoll carries my free downloadable tutorials.

Wholesale? Oh, yes, indeed. SweaterDoll accepts wholesale orders.

How on earth did I get here?

I am a self-professed rag hound and thrift store queen. Absorbing the do-it-yourself ethos of both the hippie and the punk movements, I really learned to refine my arts when I became a single mother of two toddlers unexpectedly. Making new things out of old things has become my passion.

Kids grown up and moved out, I now live, love, and design in Australia with my absurdly magical husband.

Time for a cuppa - have a seat!

Thank you so much for coming over to play! And did you just sign up for the newsletter? Fantastic! I'm so glad we'll be able to keep in touch. In the meantime, let's have some tea and talk about what we're going to craft together.



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