Love Made Visible

There is a special child in your life.
You are mom, grandma, friend to a child (or a friend who is a child-at-heart).

You want to show her that every day can be filled with love and joy.

The world of play and adventure is the landscape is where a child practices relationship, values, and love.

Every day she views and plays with confusing characters with limiting stories and playability.

This landscape is littered with corporate-driven, mass-produced toys and dolls often made with registered toxic materials. Most characters arrive with TV scripts already encoded into their existence. Where is the love?

A handmade doll is love, relationship, and open-ended possibility.

A child breathlessly awaits the big reveal of a toy that says "this was made just for you". No scripts. Just love. This doll and this child form a new relationship. And there, anything is possible.

SweaterDoll has sewing patterns for dolls and toys that make your love visible and your child's playroom magical.

SweaterDoll has everything you need to help you restore the love in your child's world of play: toy and doll sewing patterns, tutorials, helpful skills videos, playroom ideas, and more.

SweaterDoll will help you find a headache-free toy sewing project so your love will be made visible in a handmade gift that says "I made this just for you."

SweaterDoll sewing patterns - classic with a modern twist

Using new or reclaimed textiles, you can use the patterns and projects of SweaterDoll to create a traditional cloth doll with a modern twist.

Whether your nursery or playroom styles are country clutter or Scandinavian sparse, you will find doll and toy styles that fit in.

Nearly every pattern provides color and style variations so you can use a range of colors, patterns, and adornments to personalize your gift.

A signature element of many of the dolls is the fabric hair which is sewn in rather than added after sewing the doll. 
  • No tangled yarn 
  • No pilled and ratty looking felt
  • Even young children can style it

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I am a self-professed rag hound and thrift store queen. I learned how to sew and make toys and other household textiles at the feet of Cajun and farm women of the American South and Midwest in the 1960s and 70s.

With an unexpected switch to single motherhood and limited funds, I started making most of my own two young children's toys, dolls, and games. I drew from a deep well of women's wisdom and traditional needlework skills and the depth of my children's imaginations to create original designs that filled their playroom with open-ended play opportunities.

Limiting their TV time helped the children develop the capacity to play in their own safe worlds for hours on end, allowing me to work, study, and do housework without worry. Joining them in their play was easy as their stories came from our own imagination, not prescripted from TV or video games. The best part was that their play was filled with love and relationship.

That's what motivates me to help parents and friends of children to move away from toys that have limited playability and predetermined personalities.

Take your time with the upcycling tutorials or other articles here or in the Etsy or Craftsy shops. Email me if you have any questions or skills needs. I'm happy to help you create a gift that makes your love visible.


Glass House Mountains, Queensland, Australia

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