Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pattern: Four Seasons Forest

Did you get your free pattern?

Did you know that when you sign-up for my weekly newsletter you get a gift right away?

You'll get a welcome email with a link to a downloadable free embroidery pattern!

You can use this pattern to make one nature scene using running stitch and cross stitch. Or you can fill a wall with all four seasons using the same pattern.

Makes a great housewarming gift or teaching tool.

And it's not JUST a pattern. It's an ebook with the pattern, stitch instructions, color guides, transfer methods explained, and a little how-to print the pattern on fabric guide.

This project was designed to give you a stress-free embroidery adventure.

And if you've been working on Embroidery School and your kids have been looking over your shoulder and asking if they can embroider, too, these will make great introductions to artful stitching.

If you are already a subscriber and missed the download link, just email me: sweaterdoll (at) gmail (dot) com. I'll send the ebook to you.

And what's on the work table today?

You gave me such wonderful feedback during Embroidery School, I've designed several more embroidery patterns that use the stitches you learned. 

One of them is a three-samplers pack: Buttons! 

Buttons using straight stitches, buttons using lazy daisy stitch, and buttons using blanket stitches.

As you can see, there's also a heart crochet chart peeking out that is begging for stitching today.

But that's not all. I went a little crazy and started dreaming of a stitching sampler book. I used some ideas from an out-of-print vintage guide to embroidery. I used one stitch per page and added a little design that uses that stitch. 

The pattern will come with sewing instructions for binding the pages together (using a little strip of fabric of your choice) so you can make your own stitch book.


Stay tuned. And keep reading the newsletter. When My Stitch Book is finished, there will be a special price for a set of pre-printed fabric panels just for subscribers.

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